The modern age believed in progress and looked to the future. Beyond the huge advances in science and technology however, it also focused on the phenomena of modern life: leisure, cinema, music, dance and new teaching and learning models delineated a future scenario, every aspect of which was versatile and dynamic.

The contribution of the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle looks at significant achievements of the modern age, transfers them to the present day and scrutinises their current role in society. It puts forward a range of propositions about the different forms of recreation and leisure in society today and the places they should occupy in people’s lives.

One key issue is the psychological significance of leisure activities today. How can the interaction between these and other social spheres such as work or learning be developed?


A further focus is placed on the question of what brings us pleasure as individuals, and what role our fellow human beings and our own physical experience play in this.


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